Our Services

Environmental Permitting Consultancy

We are a solution-orientated company and have extensive experience in the design and development of waste transfer/treatment stations, recycling technologies and the production of recycled products for the construction industry. To increase waste management efficiency, we use this knowledge to undertake reviews of client activities and prescribe improvements/solutions for industry problems.

We provide a full environmental consultancy suite to support clients and ensure compliance with tight regulations. We assess the activities of our clients to determine if an environmental permit or exemption is required from the Environment Agency. If this is the case, we will produce the relevant documentation and complete the process for a project-specific permit for a full application, minor/administrative variation, transfer or full surrender.

Working with clients throughout the permitting process to design site layouts and drainage systems, carrying out ground investigations and other risk assessments where required. We produce all the documentation required from environmental risk assessments to dust management plans, and communicate with the Environment Agency to ensure the process is duly made as quickly as possible.

During Environment Agency investigations, we support clients to provide evidence that compliance has been met to ensure that further action from the EA is not taken. We can update any relevant documentation and assess current site operations to develop new strategies or designs to avoid future investigations and improve waste management.

CL:AIRE Management

MTS manage CL:AIRE projects from start to finish, starting with conducting ground investigations and supporting the project until the verification process at the end. Our team has Qualified Person status to administer CL:AIRE protocols correctly.

We carry out ground investigations and compile three phase studies of contaminated sites in order to devise a remediation strategy that can be implemented in accordance with statutory regulations.

We work with our clients to develop Materials Management Plans (MMP) and Design Statements that cover the use of materials at a specific site. We guide them through the Definition of Waste Code of Practice under CL:AIRE to design the best materials re-use plan that completely complies. When CL:AIRE projects have been conducted, we produce Verification Reports and submit to complete the operation.

Alongside this, we can provide a registered Qualified Person to review documents and submit a Declaration to CL:AIRE.

Environmental Management Systems

Our aim is to help our clients achieve a closed loop in materials use so that all recyclable material/waste generated is reused within the business.  This is implemented through sustainable resource management processes which could range from creating topsoil from gully and filter drain waste, to reusing bituminous material as sub-base filler. We have developed innovative solutions with our clients for numerous waste streams paving the way for zero waste to landfill.

MTS has developed numerous environmental management systems and plans for a range of clients, including large civil engineering contractors to small waste management companies. We work closely with clients and regulatory bodies to provide ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

With over 20 years experience working in a range waste projects and sectors, MTS have the relevant expertise needed to design EMS' that ensure sites comply with regulations and work in the most economic and environmentally efficient way possible.

Software Design and Implementation

MTS designs software to deliver waste management innovations. Using our software allows us and our clients to identify opportunities and demonstrate continuous improvement. We have built multiple software systems that aid clients to work more efficiently and manage waste effectively.

Working directly with clients and developing systems which are easily implemented into their protocols to help companies manage and measure waste, solve industry issues and ensure compliance with regulations. Our software provides solutions and offers cost effective options for waste streams.

Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Testing

Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) can cause hazardous classification in materials and so it is required that they are tested regularly in order to comply with WM3 and other industry regulations to manage the material in the correct way.

We provide a rapid TPH testing online mail order service to supply companies with data that can be used towards WM3 compliance. TPH can be used as an indicator for WM3 procedures, if the TPH level is <500 mg/kg then further tests are not required as this is in line with the hazardous classfication.

TPH levels are paramount to waste classification and correct landfilling of waste, this affects all sectors of the waste industry and is becoming increasingly important in the utilities industry due to recent changes in RPS 211. Waste assessment is required, we provide a rapid solution which gives evidence to support waste classification for efficicient waste management.

The mail order service can be done remotely through MTS, all we require is a 15 g sample of material to be posted to us in a sample pot in a pre-paid envelope provided by MTS. Sample bottles and pre-paid envelopes can be purchased through MTS, then samples sent back to us, once we have received your sample, results aim to be returned within 24 hours (with an optional factual report analysis). Payment will be made by setting up an account with MTS, this also entitles you to free access to all stored data from your previous sample tests on a central database.

Waste Accountant

Finding the most cost-effective end point for waste streams and tracking these movements is time consuming. The Waste Accountant tracking software records all waste movements and has an integrated supplier search to find the best facilities within a given radius. 

What makes Waste Accountant unique as a waste management system is the way it works as an integrated cloud solution that has various user levels to give controlled access to companies, subcontractors, waste carriers and waste facilities, so that all data is captured quickly and efficiently. Whether you are a main contractor, subcontractor or waste transfer station, Waste Accountant is easily installed into a client’s processes and gives you the tools to manage waste legally and efficiently.

Please visit www.wasteaccountant.com for more details. 

Waste Brokering

We act as a brokerage for all kinds of waste, with a wide range of contacts and knowledge of appropriate waste sites or landfills where material can be transferred. By carrying out full investigations of your waste, we can identify applicable sites for the material at competitive prices.

Waste Classification

The MTS Team come from varying scientific backgrounds, from Environmental Science to Soils Science, giving us the knowledge and experience needed to correctly classify waste. Waste classification can cause delays and problems within the industry so we work with clients to use evidence to appropriately classify waste and continue with operations.

Working in compliance with industry guidance including the WRAP Protocol , Waste Framework Directive and Technical Guidance WM3, we correctly classify waste. We conduct chemical testing suites of material and analyse the results to gain classification using Haz Waste Online.