Environmental Permitting Consultancy

We are a solution-focused company with extensive experience in design and development of waste transfer/treatment stations, recycling in construction.

Environmental Permitting Consultancy

We are a solution-orientated company and have extensive experience in the design and development of waste transfer/treatment stations, recycling technologies and the production of recycled products for the construction industry. To increase waste management efficiency, we use this knowledge to undertake reviews of client activities and prescribe improvements/solutions for industry problems.

We provide a full environmental consultancy suite to support clients and ensure compliance with tight regulations. We assess the activities of our clients to determine if an environmental permit or exemption is required from the Environment Agency. If this is the case, we will produce the relevant documentation and complete the process for a project-specific permit for a full application, minor/administrative variation, transfer or full surrender.

Working with clients throughout the permitting process to design site layouts and drainage systems, carrying out ground investigations and other risk assessments where required. We produce all the documentation required from environmental risk assessments to dust management plans, and communicate with the Environment Agency to ensure the process is duly made as quickly as possible.

During Environment Agency investigations, we support clients to provide evidence that compliance has been met to ensure that further action from the EA is not taken. We can update any relevant documentation and assess current site operations to develop new strategies or designs to avoid future investigations and improve waste management.