Site Design for TMR Recycling

TMR Recycling Ltd are developing a new inert recycling facility with MTS Environmental providing support with permitting, design and consultancy.

TMR Recycling Ltd are developing a new inert recycling facility with MTS Environmental providing support with permitting, design and consultancy services. MTS have been involved in the project since its birth from assessing the initial site and determining its suitability for use by composing multiple reports and evaluations from flood risk assessments to noise management plans. MTS have since provided support during the planning application process by producing supporting documents and representing TMR at planning council meetings.

The inert recycling facility will process aggregates each year to produce high quality products and provide Hampshire County Council with essential materials needed for highways schemes. The site has been designed by MTS with sustainability at its core and should be seen as an example of ‘best practice’ for recycling operations as a whole. The site contains a fully compliant and innovative Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS) which aligns modern drainage systems with the natural water processes on site. In order to minimise any negative impacts from the site and ensure that it successfully blends in with its environment and the local community, highly detailed dust and noise management plans have been made by MTS. These outline mitigation measures in place on site which prevent escape of pollution off site. This is supported by the ecologically enhanced bund that has been designed into the site by MTS, this earth bund will surround the site to not only act as screen against dust and noise but also provide habitat and biodiversity opportunities on site through tree and vegetation planting, bird boxes and insect hotels. The site will lead to a net increase in biodiversity which is exceedingly difficult to achieve and unprecedented for a waste transfer station, so MTS are very proud of this achievement and value the partnership that has developed with TMR through the process.

The site has also applied for a Bespoke Environmental Permit for the site, this application process was managed by MTS who produced all the required documentation. These included a non-technical summary, site condition report, dust and noise management plans, H1 environmental risk assessment, environmental management system (EMS), waste quality manual and site drawings. The permitting process also involves constant communication and collaboration with the Environment Agency and with the client to ensure that all regulations are met on site whilst still making it as economically (and environmentally) beneficial as possible. MTS have produced a site-specific EMS to ensure that the site is managed in accordance with its permit requirements and does not breach any regulations.

This site is innovative and has been designed by MTS with sustainability in the forefront to ensure that this inert recycling facility benefits the Operator, local County Council and the environment. MTS will continue to provide consultancy support for this site during its operation to establish continuous improvements in waste operations and site management.