Environmental Permit Application with NRW

MTS Environmental managed a permit application with National Resources Wales (NRW) for John Jones soil treatment and transfer facility.

John Jones Civil Engineering & Groundworks Ltd

John Jones Civil Engineering and Groundworks Ltd, based in Powys, Wales, employed MTS Environmental as consultants to lead on their environmental permit application to National Resources Wales (NRW). The application was for a Standard Rules 2010 No 12 permit – treatment of waste to produce soil, soil substitutes and aggregate, Tier 2 with assessment. John Jones Civils operate crushing and screening of inert materials to produce a range of recycled products for re-use in the construction market. Granting of this permit allows inert waste generated mainly from the civil engineering and groundworks industry to be recovered and recycled for reuse in further construction or engineering works. Products include mainly 6F5, 1A fill, Type 1 and other aggregate products.

This application involved communicating with NRW to answer any queries and provide further information in support of the application documents. MTS Environmental collaborated with John Jones Civils to produce an Environmental Management System for the site, as well as designing a drainage system and site layout plan. A Non-Technical Summary and Environmental Risk Assessment was also produced for the site.

MTS Environmental assisted John Jones Civils in implementing EMS procedures on site and ensured they comply with all Duty of Care obligations and regulatory guidance. This included setting them up on Waste Accountant – a waste management software to allow them to accurately record waste movements on and off site. This makes completing quarterly returns a simple and fast process and allows John Jones Civils to manage their waste on site. MTS Environmental also helped design new Waste Transfer Notes to be used by John Jones Civils which comply with Duty of Care obligations to ensure that they contain all the necessary detail of the material being transferred.

The site will be operating under the WRAP Quality Protocol Aggregates from inert waste: End of waste criteria for the production of aggregates from inert waste. To assist with this, MTS Environmental compiled a WRAP Quality Manual for use at the site which details the specifications of the various recycled products, in accordance with the Specifications for Highway Works, produced by John Jones. This manual and new permit allows John Jones to produce high quality, compliant recycled materials to allow material to move up the waste hierarchy and be recycled back into schemes.