CL:AIRE Projects with Inert Recycling

Inert Recycling UK Ltd are a earthworks company based in Hampshire.

Inert Recycling UK Ltd are a earthworks company based in Hampshire who MTS Environmental have worked with on numerous projects. MTS have provided support for their CL:AIRE projects involving the transfer and movement of materials without the need for an environmental permit. MTS have extensive training, CL:AIRE qualified person accreditation and experience in implementing the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste: Code of Practice (DoW:CoP). They manage the process from the initial site investigations to producing Materials Management Plans (MMP) for the proposed developments. This ensures that the CL:AIRE DoW:CoP is adhered to, and only compliant materials are used in the project in order to implement and abide by planning permissions.

This work involves collaboration with both planning authorities and the Environment Agency so that all parties work collaboratively to an agreed scheme. MTS’s involvement ensures that compliance is met and that all the necessary documents are produced and followed. MTS set out a Materials Management Plan (MMP) to outline the movement of the materials, identify the receiver and donor sites for the project and how the material will be managed by producing a Design Statement. These are then submitted to CL:AIRE to obtain a Declaration so that the project can commence.

The movement of material is then monitored by Inert Recycling using their subscription to provided by MTS. This allows them to ensure that volumes of materials being used on site are in accordance with the tonnages set out in the CL:AIRE Declaration and the Design Statement. The material used is also regularly tested to provide evidence that it conforms with the material specification outlined in the Design Statement. This testing is provided by external MCERTS labs and MTS using their QED analyser which gives an accurate analysis of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) and can provide results within 24 hours of receipt. This means that the project can move forward without delays due to uncertainty of materials compliance or waiting for test results from large laboratories.

Upon completion of the project, Inert provide an outline of the timeline of the project and any contingencies that had to made from the original plans. MTS then use this information and the data inputted into, compile a Verification Report for the project validating that it was completed in accordance with the CL:AIRE DoW:CoP. This is then submitted to CL:AIRE to complete the project and notify the EA that the works have been verified successfully to avoid unnecessary pursuance.

MTS’s support and supply of not only knowledge and expertise but also their other services like the rapid TPH testing and allows Inert Recycling to carry out CL:AIRE projects in accordance with the DoW:CoP. This makes the process simple for the client so that the works can be completed quickly and without complications.